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CHINA UNITED IRON AND STEEL LIMITED is a leading company that supply, manufacture and delivers superior quality of 05CuPCrNi steel plates. This organization has expert, and team that is expert in using modern equipment and tool and produces the steel plates as per the customer’s requirement. To know more about this steel plate, read this article thoroughly.

Product Details-

The 05CuPCrNi steel plates are also known as Corten plate as it is weather resistant steel plate that is made by alloying copper, chromium and nickel element. Further, phosphorus is added to this alloy so that make it suitable for gas flue applications. The top layer of this plate when subjected to atmospheric conditions it does not get rust because of the protective layer which maintains this steel plate consistent finishing.

This grade of steel plate offers higher strength, better corrosion resistant, efficient performance. Due to its various features this steel plate is useful in various structure applications. This steel plate is manufactured by using hot rolled and cold rolled process. This plate is accessible in a wider range of sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

Additional service- the manufacturing company also provides some additional services like tempered, quenching, annealing, coating, sandblasting, and painting.

Testing Detail- After the manufacturing process, this grade of steel plate is strictly sent to various quality measurement tests in order to confirm the end product quality. Following tests are performed such as ultrasonic examination, Impact test, HIC test, simulated post weld heat treatment(PWHT), third party inspection such as SGS test etc.

Packing detail- it is last but necessary part of manufacturing, as the product is shipped worldwide, so proper care is necessary in order to avoid any of damage during the transit. When product qualifies all above mention test then it is sent to packing. Packaging includes seaworthy packing or as per the buyer demand. Packing also includes batch no and heat number so that it can be tracked.

For any query, you can contact us and visit the site to get all the detail of 05CuPCrNi steel plates. You can buy this steel plate from us and get quality service.

05CuPCrNi Steel Plates Specifications:

Thickness 6mm to 300mm
Width 1500mm to 4050mm
Length 3000mm to 15000mm
05CuPCiNi Chemical composition
Grade                 The Element Max (%)
05CuPCiNi C Si Mn P S
≤0.090 0.25-0.50 0.20-0.50 0.06-0.12 ≤0.020
Cr Cu Ni RE
0.30-1.25 0.25-0.50 0.12-0.65
Grade Thickness Yield Tensile Elongation Delivery state
05CuPCiNi mm Min Mpa Mpa Min  %
≤4 310 440 26  Cold rolling
Application Industry